Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've been plugging along at the store. Summer is I hear. I did go to Las Vegas because I found an air fare I couldn't pass up. That was the last week of August. My mom and 3 quilting pals manned the store. In about 6 weeks we will be going to Houston, Texas for Quilt Market. I am excited about that!
We moved the whole store around last Sunday. it was filling up and I ran out of room. My friend's husband built my first set of shelves, and he just did 6 more for me but said that's it! Also there is no more room in here. I think I have filled the store nice, building a good I just need them to come buy stuff.

I went out to a bar with Tina last night and drank a bottle of wine before I went out. Sometimes I think I am missing things in life..but let me tell you, I can live without hanging out in bars. I didn't care for the band and the crowd was young, which made me feel old! And I am paying for it today. We got home at 1:30 which wasn't too bad. I got up around 7 - 7:30 and was here at the store by 8. I was a little dizzy, probably still drunk from last night. I did take some aspirin. I think I am too old for hangovers too! Funny, I didn't feel like this in Las's that damn wine-gets me all the time.
I haven't gotten anything accomplished today. I did make a block but don't like it.


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